Educational Session IV

Friday, May 17th, 10:45-12:00

Towards Community-Driven Archives and Digital Archives
Canyon A/B
Minority communities currently make up over 48% of Arizona’s population but are only represented in 0-2% of known archival collections or have not been accurately represented in history. The session will focus on our current community outreach efforts with historically marginalized communities in Arizona. Joyce Martin, Curator of the Labriola Center, will discuss her work with the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation on a digital humanities project highlighting the life of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, and Jeston Morris, Ph.D. Linguistics Candidate, will speak about community connection and outreach through the creation of a newsletter. Nancy Godoy, Associate Archivist, will share information about her current Mellon grant-funded project designed to reclaim and preserve the history of marginalized communities.  Nicole Umayam, Digital Inclusion Librarian, will discuss how some tribal libraries engage in community documentation by providing digital access and training. Participants will learn how to engage diverse communities via community archives workshops, oral history projects, and digital humanities initiatives.

“Learning From Las Vegas”: Documenting the Architecture of an Unconventional City
Architecture, design, and construction collections are an important collecting focus at University of Las Vegas, Nevada Libraries Special Collections and Archives. We have been actively documenting the built community of Southern Nevada as the region has grown at a rapid pace. These type of collections in physical, and now digital form, come with a variety of challenges and opportunities. The panel will offer a look at how we do things here at UNLV including acquisition, processing, and preservation of these materials. The panel will offer attendees ideas of how they may approach management of these important, but sometimes daunting, collections. With born-digital architecture and design materials on the rise it is also more important now than ever to start considering procedures for long term preservation and access, a topic the panel will also address.

Basic Exhibit Creation for Archival Materials
Many archives are required to create exhibits as part of their outreach program, but often those assigned to these tasks are untrained in the basics of exhibit creation and design. I would like to offer a workshop to those interested in learning the basics of archival exhibit creation from concept creation, text editing and layout, material mounting, to final layout and installation. I will show simple inexpensive techniques that will allow archivists to create a professional looking exhibit, that is up to archival standards, and which is easy for visitors to digest. With an MA in Museum Studies and as the Exhibits Coordinator for UNT Special Collections, I have studied and been responsible for the creation of exhibits utilizing all sorts of materials in various sizes and in various spaces, so I can offer practical tips and insight that would be beneficial to archivists just learning how to create exhibits.