Student Poster Sessions

Archival Photographic Documentation of Anthony “Tony” Dukepoo’s Exquisite Murals Presented by Jeston Morris and Jacob Briones

Remembering Main Street: An Online Photo-Mapping Exhibit Presented by Bria Corry

A Digital Archive for Ethnographic Terminalia: Designing a Website for an Academic Research and Art Collective Presented by Jennifer Follen

Processing Collections with Personal Sensitive Information: Alianza Hispano-Americana, a Case Study Presented by Michelle Nicole Boyer-Kelly

“I Want Them to Know We Suffer Here”: Preserving Records of Migrant Detention in Opposition to Racialized Immigration Enforcement Structures Presented by Jennifer Hale Eagle

Ableism in Archival Description Practices Presented by Sarah Jardini 

Archival Community Membership as Basis for an Oral History Project Presented by JJ Compton